About Us
Committed to the research and development of new supporting products for high-end machine tools

Cultural Concept: our determination is our resources and our belief is our future.

Chuangxin Concept: Science and technology are inexhaustible resources.

Enterprise Spirit: self-reliance, hard work, courage to innovate and keep climbing

Enterprise Style: rigorous and realistic, unity and innovation.

Staff Oath: be loyal to their duties, unite and make progress, be realistic and innovative, and be willing to contribute.



Yangzhou Chuangxin Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in June 2007, as a national high-tech enterprise, it has been committed to the research and development of new supporting products of high-end machine tools. After years of efforts, it has developed a variety of important parts for machine tools such as DC motor stepless governor and liquid crystal tachometer, and obtained CE certification


Contact Us

Address: Room 405, east of complex building, No. 25, Weiyang Road, Yangzhou

E-mail: yzjiayi@126.com

Website: www.yzcxtech.cn


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