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What are the reasons for the unstable machining accuracy of CNC lathes?

1. The size of the workpiece to be processed is correct, but the surface finish is poor, resulting in damage to the tool tip, unsharp tool tip, resonance of the CNC lathe, unstable placement, crawling of the lathe, poor processing technology, etc., which will cause the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe. unstable. Solution: When the CNC lathe is in an uneven position or a resonance position, the horizontal position should be adjusted to lay the foundation conditions. 2. It is normal to drive the phase lamp, but the size of the workpiece to be processed is sometimes large and sometimes small. Because the tool holder of the CNC lathe runs for a long time, the position of the screw and the bearing is worn to a certain extent, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder is used for a long time, and there is a deviation during the use process. The trolley may return to the starting point of processing accurately every time, but the size of the workpiece to be processed is still changing.

How to choose the right machine tool?

First, you need to choose a suitable and appropriate tool. In the cutting process of CNC lathes, the role of metal cutting tools is particularly important. The materials made of tools must have high wear resistance, heat resistance and high hardness, as well as sufficient strength, Toughness, as well as good thermal conductivity and manufacturability, and also have good economic performance, if it is too high, it is not suitable. In the process of choosing a tool, we should choose a tool with a larger diameter as much as possible under the premise of meeting the requirements of parts processing, which has better strength and toughness. In the same process, the number of selected tools is as small as possible to reduce the number of tool changes. When selecting tools, choose general standard tools as much as possible, and do not choose or use special non-standard tools.

What are the reasons that affect the machining accuracy of machine tools?

In the actual machining process of the machine tool, the accuracy of the machine tool will be affected more or less with the use of the equipment. These influences have internal factors and external reasons. In the machining of the machine tool, the tool is more or less the workpiece The forming movement is usually realized by the machine tool, so the machining accuracy of the workpiece will largely depend on the accuracy of the machine tool. Errors in the production and processing of machine tools have a great influence on the machining accuracy of workpieces, usually due to the following reasons: for example, errors in spindle rotation, errors in guide rails or transmission chains, etc. If the machine tool is worn to a certain extent, its accuracy will be further reduced.

Inspection before use of CNC lathe

1. CNC machine tool CNC electrical box inspection Open the CNC electric box door, check all kinds of interface sockets, servo motor feedback line sockets, spindle pulse generator sockets, hand pulse generator sockets, CRT sockets, etc. If they are loose, they must be re-inserted. lock. Check the settings of the short-circuit terminals on each printed circuit board according to the instructions. It must be in line with the state set by the CNC machine tool manufacturer. If it is really wrong, it should be reset. Generally, there is no need to reset. Set state to make original records. Wiring Quality Check Check all wiring terminals. Including the terminals of the strong and weak current parts that are wired by the machine tool manufacturer during assembly and the terminals of the power cords of each motor. Tighten.

Precautions when the machine is shut down for a long time

Machine tool maintenance Peller kindly reminds that good maintenance can keep the machining accuracy of the machine tool in a good state, prolong the service life, and adopt the correct start-up and debugging method for the CNC machine tool. In the face of new challenges, it can show a good working state and improve production efficiency. and processing effects. Maintenance of CNC machine tool shutdown 1. Machine tool cleaning: Clean the workpieces, fixtures, iron filings, etc. in the machine tool, clean the iron filings in the external chip conveyor; clean the external sheet metal, clean the air conditioner of the electric control box and the filter screen of the oil cooler. 2. Anti-rust treatment: clean and wipe the worktable and apply anti-rust oil; the machine tool runs at a slow speed for one hour to lubricate the line rail; whether the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, give priority to the anti-rust treatment, and add it when the machine tool starts to work cutting fluid. 3. Do a good job in the general power failure, gas and liquid supply of the workshop: run the Y-axis of the CNC machine tool to the middle, return the Z-axis to zero, and turn off the main power switch of the machine tool, the incoming switch of the transformer, and the gas source. Fourth, waterproof and moisture-proof: close the electrical box for protection. 5. Anti-rodent treatment of machine tools: The machine tool is also treated with anti-rodent treatment to prevent rats from biting off the wires.
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