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For the selection of single-phase filter, have you noticed these points?

Attenuate RF energy in the stopband range, and let the power frequency pass through the filter without attenuation, or with little attenuation; single-phase filter is the preferred tool for electronic equipment design engineers to control conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference. When selecting models, you need to pay attention to the three aspects of rated voltage, rated current and insertion loss.

How to judge the pros and cons of a power filter

1. What is a power filter? Power filter, also known as "power EMI filter" or "EMI power filter", is a filter composed of capacitors, inductors and resistors, which is a type of filter. Its function is to effectively filter the frequency point of a specific frequency or the frequency other than the frequency point to obtain the required effective signal. It is a passive two-way network. One end is the power supply and the other end is the load. Therefore, it is an impedance adaptation network. It is mainly designed for the characteristics of electromagnetic disturbance at the power port. The power filter is generally designed as a low-pass type. As an electronic product, the reliability of its work is its important feature. Due to the existence of electromagnetic noise, the electronic product is disturbed by other equipment, resulting in abnormal work. For any high-frequency conducted disturbance signal on the power line, it can be described by differential mode interference signal and common mode interference signal. Differential mode interference flows between the two transmission wires, which is symmetrical interference; common mode interference is transmitted between the transmission wire and the ground, which is asymmetrical interference.

How to maintain the LCD screen

1. The LCD screen is scratched by a hard block. The surface of the LCD screen has a protective film, some do not, the colorful LCD without protective film is very sensitive, and all scratches will leave imprints, you can use the special maintenance sticker for the LCD screen, which is very helpful for the maintenance of the LCD monitor. There is a certain effect. 2. The surface of the LCD screen is extruded by hanging objects. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the damage to the LCD screen caused by high temperature. With the increase of temperature, the LCD screen will turn black. After reaching a certain temperature, even if the temperature drops to all Under normal circumstances, the LCD screen cannot be repaired. The chromaticity displayed by some LCD screens will decrease as the temperature decreases. When the temperature is very low, the chromaticity displayed by the LCD screen may be very low. Once the temperature warms up, the chromaticity will automatically recover. This belongs to everything normal condition.

Common faults and maintenance of CNC machine tools

1. About the power failure of CNC machine tools In order to avoid power failure, when designing the power supply system of CNC machine tools, the following points must be done. First, an independent distribution box must be provided, which cannot be used in series with other equipment. The beginning of the power supply must be well grounded. The three-phase power supply entering the CNC machine tool must adopt a three-phase five-wire system, and the neutral wire and the ground wire must be separated. For the electrical components in the electric cabinet, a reasonable layout should be carried out, and the laying of alternating current and direct current must be isolated accordingly.

Reasons and solutions for dimensional deviation of workpieces processed by CNC lathes

1. The actual index value of the servo motor does not match the command index value, resulting in the deviation of the workpiece size. 2. The actual index value of the servo motor is consistent with the command index value, but the actual relative movement between the workpiece and the tool does not meet the corresponding requirements. 3. There is a deviation in the zero return position of the transmission system of the CNC lathe. 4. Loss of pulses or external interference, and mechanical failures lead to deviations in the processed workpieces.
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